Byc Mirage Deck


These are simply the best decks on the planet. Hand made one card at a time, from genuine bicycle playing cards.

This is one of the most versatile card decks ever created!
There are hundreds of tricks you can perform with this deck of cards. EFFECT: Spread the cards and have a spectator point to ANY card. They look at it and place it back into the middle of the deck. With a snap of your fingers the card jumps to the top of the deck. At the conclusion magically the entire deck changes into there selected card. EFFECT: You riffle the cards and the spectator says stop anywhere. They look at the selected card and it is mixed back into the deck. Have a member of the audience name a number from 1-52 and the selected card is always at that number.

This deck is what professionals use instead of the Svengali deck. Many more effects possible with this improved Svengali deck. Made for professionals so of course the cards are Bicycle backed. The deck is easy enough for kids to learn.
No sleight of hand required.
Recommended for 8 and up

Watch a demo here

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